Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Re- Purposed

Its been a while I know and this will be a quick post too, just wanted to share a picture of our latest re-purposing project. This belfast sink was up until recently buried on the smallholding, then it was used as a trough for the pigs but they found it a bit too easy to get into. So having drooled for years over those stone troughs with alpine plants in at garden centres I made my own. The grit was £3 and the plants another £3. looking at the picture I should perhaps of washed it better first........oops never mind mother nature will sort it out. 

The old galvanised sheep trough we painted and planted with herbs last year is doing well and has kept us in parsley, bay and rosemary all winter, I have even taken some cutting which have all rooted.

The next re-purposed planter is going to be one of these: 
(image from ebay )

We bought three off a friend for the price of one really , one has a crack in and would be fine as a feeder but I fancy transforming it ....................any ideas? (Its 3 feet wide and a bit rusty) 

Hopefully catch up with goings on in the veg plot soon, if I can ever stop "doing" long enough to "talk" about it lol. 


  1. Is it deep enough for a patio fire pit?

  2. Love the Belfast sink, are you going to give it the yoghurt treatment? The plant supports look good, did you make those yourself?

  3. Lucky you to have three of those feeders, I've wanted one of those for so long, but at every auction we go to they go for silly money!!

    Your planted sink looks brilliant, the rain will wash it for you very soon :-)